Thursday, 10 October 2013

Dress Trends - Gold bridesmaid dress

Usually,we find that choosing bridesmaid dresses becomes a difficult task because there are many color options available. Choosing a bridesmaid dress need some consideration, not just a quick decision. A bridesmaid dress should make the wearers look beautiful while enhancing the beauty of the bride. The dress should be kept subtle yet beautiful when they stand beside the bride. In my opinion,gold bridesmaid dress is a good choice.

As we all know,gold stands for boldness and prettiness. Dresses in this lovely color are ideal for women from 18-30 years old. However,gold is not a very versatile color.This color works best for those who have exotic tan or bronzed skin tone. But, for those having other skin tones, there is no need to be disappointed. Luckily, gold comes in a variety of shades such as copper gold, metallic gold, antique gold, dull gold, etc, so that every woman can pick the certain shade that match her skin tone.

What's more,for fall wedding, gold dress adds shine. Of course,never forget to pair the dresses, bridesmaid can wear a pair of shoes in either lighter of darker tone. Making a contrast by wearing jewel-toned shoes is a nice idea.

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