Friday, 18 October 2013

Bridesmaid dresses of Bhldn

When we mention Bhldn, I think most people immediately think of is a retro style. Nowadays,many brides prefer a vintage wedding and choose vintage wedding gowns. So,why not choose bridesmaid dress of this style? As a result, wedding and bridesmaid dress can be very good echo. Here are three special design of bridesmaid dresses from this brand.

This pink dress inspires from the 1960s. The most notably design is to present a square neckline. The lace bowknot decoration at the back makes the bridesmaid look niftier. In order to match this beautiful lace dress, the flower shape headdress made of lace has made the role of the crowning touch, showing bright and refined atmosphere, just like the guardian angel around the bride in the wedding.

The small blue dress is simple but elegant, silky feel like water, make the person looks cute and elegant.However, as the dress is too simple, a retro jewelry is also essential.

The most obvious feature of the whole set of retro bridesmaid dress is the exquisite patterns design. The front and back are made ??of transparent tulle stitching a relatively flat fabric to make the bridesmaid present the skin in the looming while penetrating woman’s sexy charm. The waist belt is designed to allow the figure to appear to be very petite, decent and of self-cultivation. The small wave lace on the keen-length skirt hem makes the little dress look like a lovely cup cake, to add a bit sweet flavor to the bridesmaid's image.

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