Tuesday, 24 June 2014

What to wear with a black evening dress

Obviously,wearing a red evening dress can always make women more stunning. But for those who are not used to standing out in the crowd, strikingly, need a balance while wearing a red gown. All in all,confidence is the first condition you need to have. In addition,what else you need to do? Just read this article.

Perfect dress style

Firstly,the choice of your red evening dresses is very important. The red evening dress already exudes sexiness; therefore you should choose a simpler style. A plain red gown can be very attention grabbing so the trick here is to steer clear of all the attraction like daring cleavage and party lines. It is very important to keep the silhouette clean and curvy. The way the evening gown falls on your body is very integral to the way you look in a long red dress.

Dress pattern

You can also wear patterns as they draw attention to your body. Choose a red evening gown with patterns on the waist to give you an hour glass figure. For large women; you should wear darker shades of red evening dresses like maroon or wine shades to draw less attention to your body and giving an illusion of pettiness. Choose a pattern around the bust line to take away the attention from problem area like the waist.


The evening gown speaks volumes and over accessories will just make it look tacky. To make it look elegant and sexy wear very delicate gold or silver jewelry. Do not over-do it with wearing all the jewelry together. You could either wear a neck piece or bangles, when wearing a long red dress. So,just keep the accessories chic and simple.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

What to wear with a white cocktail dress

Speaking of the most suitable clothes in summer,i believe you can't miss the white cocktail dress . It is reported that "if the little black dress is the staple of colder months of the year,it's the little white dress—that's the must-have during the summer." Then,to help you be a stylish girl,we are going to share you three ideas. Hope it can help you.

White dress with floral accessories
 obviously chic, but not trying too hard? Just prepare a white dress,and choose floral headwear to match with it.

White dress with all beige accessories
It probably isn't your first inclination to pair your little white dress with al nude accessories, but it totally works.

With a ladylike bag and nude sandals

Pair a white dress with a pair of basic nude sandals, and a structured bag that pulls the whole outfit together. Just like the little black dress, the little white dress has serious ladylike potential.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A-line evening dress

Because A-line evening dresses 2014 can provide girls an effective silhouette,there are more girls like to choose this style. It is suitable for any party theme and occasions,such as formal and informal occasions. Whatever the evening party theme is,the formal and consecrate feeling of the party will never be changed. If you like a-line evening dress,then you will want to try many traditional evening dresses,such a floral evening dress.

What's more,the material of A-line evening gowns is very expensive,such as chiffon,silk, velvet,organza,and so on. Among this material,silk is the most popular material. In the history,many designers would select silk as the main fibre. An evening dress can be made of any silhouette,such as sheath,mermaid,a-line or trumpet shaped. The waist can be divided into dropped waist,natural waist and empire waist.