Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Differences between empire and A-line wedding dresses 2014

When it comes to plus size wedding dress,most people may think of empire and a-line wedding dress. Yes,the two styles are really the best choice for plump brides. But,how to distinguish them? Then,we will help you to distinguish the two style of wedding dresses 2014 through two aspects.
Applicable body shapes

A-line dress is one of the most versatile and suitable for almost every body type. On a rounder bride, the smooth, vertical lines can give the illusion of a slimmer figure, while adding height to a shorter frame. Column-shaped brides can achieve a curvy image with a full skirt, as well as hide a fuller lower body. To accentuate or remove focus from certain body parts, simple modifications can be made to the fabric, waistline or neckline. Such is the versatility of the A-line wedding dress.
The empire cut is one of the most versatile, but is best suited for small-chested brides as it will draw focus to the neckline. Besides,very slim women should refrain from wearing empire dresses with these lines to prevent from looking too skinny. What's more,for pregnant brides, the Empire wedding dress is perfect for hiding a baby bump, as the smooth flow of the dress can cover it. Empire style wedding dresses never fail to impress.

A-line dress can be a full-length one with a long train for chapel weddings, or a knee-length one for the modern, adventurous bride. The Princess cut wedding dress  focuses on smooth lines which create a slimming effect. Vertical seems running from the neckline to the seems help for a narrower waistline while being bust flattering. Different variations of the Princess Line style can be altered for brides with a range of hip sizes.
Empire wedding dresses are great for brides with pear-shaped figures as they hide the hips and thighs, while enhancing the bust line. Characterized with high waistlines which gather just below the bust area, they flow smoothly down to the hem, creating an hourglass illusion. The Empire wedding dress can be altered to suit the different levels of formality, by adding and removing certain elements of the gown.

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