Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wedding dresses designed by famous designers

Wedding Dresses from famous brands are many girls' dream. Chances are you've heard of Vera Wang, Ellie Saab, and Jenny Packham,of course,you probably don’t know the names of all the other talented designers out there. Here are three lesser known wedding dress designers we think you should know about:

Wedding dresses from Amanda Garrett

If you’re a fan of Jenny Packham and her beautiful bead work, you’ll love Amanda Garrett’s bridal collection, particularly her incredibly gorgeous Snowflake gown.

Wedding dresses from Rue de Seine

Inspired by the Parisian Quartier Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the collection is full of elegant bohemian style gowns and separates, as well as one of a kind vintage dresses.

Wedding dresses from Elizabeth Dye

If tea length gowns and vintage silhouettes are your thing, then Elizabeth Dye is your girl. Her sweet, vintage inspired gowns are nothing short of dreamy.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Three styles of pickeddresses wedding dresses

Before starting the journey of choosing our wedding dress, the first step we should do is surely to have a general learn about the wedding dress. Maybe you do not know Pickeddresses Wedding Dresses, in this article, I will mainly through three styles to introduce you to the wedding dress.

Pickeddresses wedding dress with a train

Wholesale - A-line Bateau Organza Satin Sweep Train Champagne Beading Wedding Dresses

The wedding dress with a train is suitable for a grand wedding occasion. The innocent and lovely flower girl holds a big long train, following the bride to walk into the church through green grassland, which fully shows the wedding’s luxuriousness and sacredness.

Short wedding dress

Wholesale - Sheath/Column Sweetheart Organza Short/Mini White Feathers / Fur Luxury Wedding Dress

It is a good choice if you have a pair of beautiful legs. Close in the upper body and naturally spreads from below the waist to the hem in the lower body. It is especially suitable for petite, lively and playful bride. The high low style, which is length short in the front and long in the back, is quite popular now.

A-line wedding dress

Wholesale - A-line V-neck Tulle Satin Sweep Train White Appliques Wedding Dress

It is the first choice for brides who want to show off their stature. It focuses on the slender effect in the visual; the overall design is like the English letter A. It is narrow in the upper body and fit tightly, becoming wide from the lower body. Because the line of the waist is not quite obvious, it appears a sense of a straight line from top to bottom so to make the bride look taller.

Generally speaking, among the three styles, the A-line style is most sought after by many brides for its simple design and smooth cutting. Hope it will give you an initial understanding about the wedding dress. Then we will be not that blind in the selection of wedding dress.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Different Designs for Pickeddresses Bridesmaids Dresses

Bridesmaids play an important role in the wedding,and dresses for them must be perfect. Nowadays,there are more and more designs of bridesmaid dresses. You can see this point from Today, i will introduce three popular styles of bridesmaids dress for your reference.

Bridesmaid dress + High slit

This is a sexy look.Now, in the view of designers, it is more suitable for bridesmaids. Red Bridesmaid dresses can boldly make use of high slits, and adding some more hot elements is not inappropriate. In particular, the long dress and dull column dress can be dismissed. To cut out a rope of crack is the trend.

Flower decoration on bridesmaid dress

Wholesale - A-line Strapless Satin Tea-length Ivory Hand Made Flower Bridesmaid Dress

Sweet three-dimensional woven flowers or fabric flowers decoration can make the bridesmaid dress more outstanding. What we need to take care is not to make you look very heavy. The selection of material is very important. Chiffon or lace is a very good choice.

Lace bridesmaid dress

Maybe it is the most popular style of bridesmaid dresses.Stacked with fabric of pure color will create a more fantastic double-deck effect. Or we can make use of the contrast match of different colors to play some new tricks.

Have you already had some simple ideas about the selection of the Pickeddresses Bridesmaid Dresses? Pay some attention to the dress of your bridesmaid or you are just the bridesmaid, the wedding will be more wonderful.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Bridesmaid dresses of Bhldn

When we mention Bhldn, I think most people immediately think of is a retro style. Nowadays,many brides prefer a vintage wedding and choose vintage wedding gowns. So,why not choose bridesmaid dress of this style? As a result, wedding and bridesmaid dress can be very good echo. Here are three special design of bridesmaid dresses from this brand.

This pink dress inspires from the 1960s. The most notably design is to present a square neckline. The lace bowknot decoration at the back makes the bridesmaid look niftier. In order to match this beautiful lace dress, the flower shape headdress made of lace has made the role of the crowning touch, showing bright and refined atmosphere, just like the guardian angel around the bride in the wedding.

The small blue dress is simple but elegant, silky feel like water, make the person looks cute and elegant.However, as the dress is too simple, a retro jewelry is also essential.

The most obvious feature of the whole set of retro bridesmaid dress is the exquisite patterns design. The front and back are made ??of transparent tulle stitching a relatively flat fabric to make the bridesmaid present the skin in the looming while penetrating woman’s sexy charm. The waist belt is designed to allow the figure to appear to be very petite, decent and of self-cultivation. The small wave lace on the keen-length skirt hem makes the little dress look like a lovely cup cake, to add a bit sweet flavor to the bridesmaid's image.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Vintage but also elegant - Inbal Dror

Today,vintage dresses are more and more popular. So,when your wedding is coming,why not choose vintage wedding dresses? Don't worry,something vintage can also be elegant. For example,wedding dresses of Inbal Dror.

Have you ever heard about this brand? These wedding dresses are full of luxury and retro sense to modern women and with the perfect curve design to perfectly combine feminine sophistication and elegance. And most of the design has demonstrated a perfect female curve. In the past two years, the wedding dresses designed by Inbal Dror are relatively complicated.

In the newest gorgeous 2013 wedding dress series, no matter the superior lace, light and translucent tulle, various necklines, or the beautiful embroidered design on the shoulder or back, all deduce the vintage and luxurious atmosphere most vividly. No doubt that any brides who pursue noble and elegant taste will fall in love with these dresses at first sight.

Previously, he believed that only beautiful and complex design could show the luxurious feeling of wedding dress. However, in 2013 autumn and winter wedding custom-tailoring series, Inbal Dror gave a completely new concept. He cleverly made use of simple tailoring ways to create the incomparable retro and extravagantly beautiful latest wedding dresses of 2013.

If you long for such a kind of beauty, you may make some work to find the key details or design and apply them into the selection for your own wedding dress. Hope you may enjoy your big day!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Vintage look - ulyana sergeenko wedding dress

For a wedding,i think different people have different ideas. If you want to have a vintage wedding,i think you can't miss the wedding dresses of Ulyana sergeenko.

Wedding dresses from Ulyana sergeenko are very special. While most brides choose pure white wedding dress, it is recommended to select this below black retro wedding dress with a big hat if you want to be the most striking heroine in the wedding. For this wedding dress, in addition to the overall main black color tone, what is most concerned are the mixed design of weaving and spinning on the sleeves, and the intensive feather design on the skirt hem, which makes the bride look mysterious and yet gorgeous.

What's mnore,this brand also has nude dresses. The bateau neck that bares the shoulders fully presents the bride’s sexy temperament. Meanwhile the sleeves make use of the puff design, giving an elegant and generous effect. On the hem, it uses nude ruching flower layer combined with white color. The bride’s gender flavor gradually gives out.

If you are looking forward to have different and wonderful wedding, maybe you can have a bold try about this style. I think you will have a special wedding!

Monday, 14 October 2013

White wedding dress shows beauty

With the different of the fashion world,there are more and more colors of Wedding Dresses. However,in my opinion, white wedding dress is is always the mainstream. On wedding day, brides will always prefer to wear a white wedding dress to start their happy marriage life. Here are several elegant white wedding dresses:

This is an extremely sexy white strap wedding dress. Its mermaid style allows the bride’s perfect curve fully present in her own wedding. If the bride is completely confident on their skin and figure, this backless mermaid wedding dress is absolutely very suitable for you. This dress is a perfect combination of sexiness and purity, and will remind people of intellectuality, elegance and generousness and so on.

Wholesale - BallGown Strapless Tulle Chapel Train White Appliques Wedding Dress

This lace wedding dress dragging slender skirt body creates a visual effect of increasing the height and lengthens the leg line of the bride. Lace backless design undoubtedly sketches out the gentle back lines, giving a sexy and enchanting sense to the bride's elegant posture.

Wholesale - BallGown Spaghetti Straps Taffeta Chapel Train Ivory Appliques Wedding Dress

Most people think white is a symbol of purity and beauty. Pure white color and minimalist design create a pure elegant and beautiful bride.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Colorful prom dresses 2013

As we all know, proms are the first actual formal event for a teenager. Of course,it is very important for the adults. The search for a proper prom dress start a long time before the actual date of prom. Especially women start their search months before the actual prom night. It is always a difficult task for them,because there are too many prom dresses to choose. I will show you the two most popular styles of prom dresses.

For adults,i think you can choose deep rich purple prom dress. A purple prom gown can be worn with any length from long, short, cute short and floor length. Variety of Cuts can be there by strapless full sleeves, One shoulder and backless. Fabric for the dress varies from beaded, sequined, floral, silk, and chiffon. Purple color may range from soft lilac to deep indigo suitable for girls of any complexion from dark to white especially in night functions.

Wholesale - A-line Straps Chiffon Ankle-length Purple Beading Prom Dresses

I suggest the teenagers to choose blue princess prom dresses. Blue dresses give you a princess style look. Don’t hesitate in trying a blue dress. Believe me, blues are great.You can also go for a shining neon blue long gown. Or some blue strapless dress. Open back prom dresses have also gained popularity this year and a blue open back dress will look most charming and unique.

Wholesale - Princess Sweetheart Organza Floor-length Blue Appliques Evening Dress

I hope my tips can help you!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Colorful bridesmaid dresses

It is well known to us that though bride is the main role on wedding, this bridesmaids group will let the whole wedding more grand. Today,there are so many colors of bridesmaid dresses, and it may be a headache for brides,because they want to find out which style or color they can match well on wedding. Here are three top colors of bridesmaid dresses:

Black bridesmaid dresses:

Wholesale - Sheath/Column Halter Chiffon Floor-length Black Belt Bridesmaid Dress

Black is a casual color and most girls can hold it. And it's suitable for four season of the year. However,most people would not like to choose it.Black bridesmaid dresses match some other bright color accessories, which will make amazing effect.

Blue bridesmaid dresses:

Wholesale - A-line Strapless Satin Tea-length Blue Prom Dress

If you want to hold a beach wedding, you might as well choose ocean blue. It’s like the sea color and close to your wedding theme.

Pink bridesmaid dresses:

Wholesale - A-line Strapless Taffeta Knee-length Ruffles Bridesmaid Dress

If you choose pink as the main color of bridesmaid dress, you should remember the dress style should be simple and not have so many embellishments to avoid lowering the whole wedding level and usurping host's role.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Dress Trends - Gold bridesmaid dress

Usually,we find that choosing bridesmaid dresses becomes a difficult task because there are many color options available. Choosing a bridesmaid dress need some consideration, not just a quick decision. A bridesmaid dress should make the wearers look beautiful while enhancing the beauty of the bride. The dress should be kept subtle yet beautiful when they stand beside the bride. In my opinion,gold bridesmaid dress is a good choice.

As we all know,gold stands for boldness and prettiness. Dresses in this lovely color are ideal for women from 18-30 years old. However,gold is not a very versatile color.This color works best for those who have exotic tan or bronzed skin tone. But, for those having other skin tones, there is no need to be disappointed. Luckily, gold comes in a variety of shades such as copper gold, metallic gold, antique gold, dull gold, etc, so that every woman can pick the certain shade that match her skin tone.

What's more,for fall wedding, gold dress adds shine. Of course,never forget to pair the dresses, bridesmaid can wear a pair of shoes in either lighter of darker tone. Making a contrast by wearing jewel-toned shoes is a nice idea.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Why not choose green bridesmaid dresses?

It is easy to see that when they choose bridesmaid dress,purple is the main color. But,why not choose green wholesale bridesmaid dresses? As we all know,green is the color associated with nature and nature is beautiful for human and looking beautiful is human nature.And it is not only good for maxi dresses in short and long lengths with full sleeves, sleeveless, backless, and low necks.

In green color, bridesmaid will be so sophisticated and delicate in any style. Even if there is more than one bridesmaid's variant vibrant green color can be chosen for each as a bridesmaid dress. How do you think?

Wholesale - A-line Sweetheart Chiffon Knee-length Green Pleating Cocktail Dress

After choosing your green dress, never forget to choose accessories. In fact,Cosmetics and accessories are also easily available for a green bridesmaid dress. Green jewelry in emerald is fantastic with any green shade of the bridesmaid dress. I hope i can help you!