Thursday, 12 June 2014

What to wear with a white cocktail dress

Speaking of the most suitable clothes in summer,i believe you can't miss the white cocktail dress . It is reported that "if the little black dress is the staple of colder months of the year,it's the little white dress—that's the must-have during the summer." Then,to help you be a stylish girl,we are going to share you three ideas. Hope it can help you.

White dress with floral accessories
 obviously chic, but not trying too hard? Just prepare a white dress,and choose floral headwear to match with it.

White dress with all beige accessories
It probably isn't your first inclination to pair your little white dress with al nude accessories, but it totally works.

With a ladylike bag and nude sandals

Pair a white dress with a pair of basic nude sandals, and a structured bag that pulls the whole outfit together. Just like the little black dress, the little white dress has serious ladylike potential.

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