Monday, 6 January 2014

Special look - pink wedding dress

In the past,brides all choose white as their wedding dress color. But nowadays more and more brides are trends to choose unconventional dresses to wear on their special day, and some of the most popular choices are pink wedding gowns. Here are different types of pink wedding gowns:

Hot pink
This color directs from bright eye catching shades to firmly softer delicate hints of pink.

Soft Pink

The pale subtlety of the pastel pink makes it look very much like a wedding gown, but it’s a great way of escaping conventionality. Usually pink gowns have full ball gown skirts and are designed by wedding dress designers.

To sum up,choosing a pink wedding dress is a way of showcasing their originality and personality. If you know you want a pink dress, the first place to go is bridal shops to see if they have options available. Hope you can find your favourite one.

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