Friday, 23 August 2013

If you want to have a winter wedding

If you want to have a winter wedding,you should consider much items.Firstly,it is important that you choose the location.Of course,you can be as creative as possible and turn it efficiently into your personal winter wonderland.


No matter what location you choose,you should keep warm. If you are looking for touches of high drama, then it is best to go for a historic mansion. If you prefer an outdoor wedding,you can choose a place which is covered by snow.

Wedding Cake:

Wedding cake is an extremely important part of the entire decoration and your winter theme must be extended to it. Cake that is all-white will add to the theme. Have it decorated with silver embellishments and snowflake patterns.

Wedding dresses:

Think of a dramatic coat that will help you keep warm, in case you need to move out for the photographs. Depending on the color theme that you prefer you can stick to the white and silver elegant look.

And,you invitation card must be the reflection of your winter wedding theme .

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